Our Crew

Leigh Henderson
Leigh Henderson Owner

Leigh is the owner, creator, and heart of the business! A true entrepreneur and master juggler, Leigh oversees operation of her flagship restaurant and catering business. She loves to build relationships over food. You can see her floating around the dining room at the Cafe, meeting new people and holding babies while parents eat! She takes great prider in her community and shares her expertise with anyone that would like to hear! Owner for over 20 years and still loves her job. 

Want to drop her a note...leigh@alexascafe.com

Alexa Shaich
Alexa Shaich Owner

The youngest of Leigh's three children, Alexa was born into the business. After providing her mom with both the inspiration to start a catering business and name it afer her, Alexa grew up learning every aspect of its operation. She is a quiet leader with a raucous sense of humor. A master multi-tasking, Alexa is the "can-do" girl around the Cafe and catering business. She has her fingers in every pie, both figuratively and literally-since she is an ace baker-and is as sweet at the delectable desserts she cooks up around the restaurant..Her guilty pleasure: Nutella

Lauren Burton
Lauren Burton General Manager

Lauren became a member of the Alexa's Cafe & Catering family at a very young age. She met Alexa in grade school and they quickly became best friends. Lauren started hosting at the Cafe at the age of 15 and a waitress at 16. 

She decided that she loved business and graduated with Business degree from Western Washington University. She studied Business and Spanish at Western Washington University, and would commute down to the Cafe on weekends for her shifts for the full 4 years of school in Bellingham. Lauren has a love for traveling and event had a chance to live in Spain during her time at WWU. 

Now as the General Manager, Lauren oversees the operation of both the Cafe & Catering Departments. She has always loved working at Alexa's and is excited to add her skills to her new career! 

Danica Cardin
Danica Cardin Café Manager

Danica is the smiling face that will greet you upon entering the café. Task oriented, a superb planner and outstanding organizer, Danica is perfect for her managerial role. In addition to serving customers, she oversees the entire staff, scheduling, counseling, juggling, purchasing, and standing on her head, if needed. Outside the café, family comes first and foremost for Danica.  Our recent addition to the Alexa's family is her new baby, Sydney. Sydney is the love of her life! She loves spending time with her husband, but also drives two hours nearly every Sunday for a dinner with family. She would choose a snowmobile over a car as her transportation mode, if possible. Her guilty pleasure, Danica confesses, is Reality TV.


Gretchen Benson
Gretchen Benson Wedding and Social Catering Manager

Gretchen’s first career was as a flight attendant, traveling all over the world ! Above the clouds, or on the ground, Gretchen’s kind and friendly personality radiates to those around her. With almost 14 years history with Alexa's Catering, Gretchen has learned how to manage an event smoothly and with great pride. She will help you every step of the way. 

Gretchen is your contact for Weddings, Birthdays, Bat/Bar Mitzvahs, Memorials, Rehearsal dinners...or any reason to get your friends and family together to party! 

gretchen@alexascafe.com  425.770.1305



Kellee Scartozzi
Kellee Scartozzi Corporate Catering Manager

Kellee and Leigh literally met on a playground....both taking care of their grandchildren and striking up a conversation that has lasted for over 6 years!

Kellee's has worked for Alexa's Catering for the past 7 years. She also was employed at the Hilton Garden Inn as a Catering Account Manager. That gave her the necessary skills to know the fast paced world of the business person planning an event. She will help you every step of the way.

Kellee has the gift of organizing chaos...a necessary component in the catering world. She is a very organized,kind, detailed driven woman who takes great pride in her work. 

She is your go to for anything Business or Corporate. She has years of experience in helping create anything from morning meetings, all day training's to elaborate sit down evening soiree's.

kellee@alexascafe.com      425.770.2232


Blythe Cannon
Blythe Cannon Assistant Cafe Manager/ Music Director

Blythe is the friendliest face you see in the Cafe! Born and raised in Bothell, graduating from Bothell HS with a scholarship in Volleyball, she went out of State to school and then returned to come back to work at the Cafe. She can handle the pressure with grace on the busiest of days. Blythe helps Danica manage all the aspects of keeping the Cafe running smoothly. She is deeply loyal to her family and friends.


Kelsey Sturtevant
Kelsey Sturtevant Fireside Cafe Manager

Kelsey came to work for Alexa's Cafe in 2008. Armed with a degree in Business & Hospitality from Edmonds Community College, she showed enthusiasm to learn the ropes of the Catering business. Kelsey is a task oriented and detailed young woman. You will find her working in almost every aspect of the business. On her off time you will find her having fun with her friends and her cute puppy Bella.

The Crew!
The Crew!

They hustle! They're energetic and efficient. They like customers and the buzz of the room when you are with them..They have great smiles! Their collective guilty pleasure: sneaking bits of brownies when Alexa isn't looking!