Alexa's Cafe has taken an active lead in supporting our local community. We strongly believe that giving back is our responsibility for being on this earth. We take great pride in our responsibility of providing charitable supporting the Northshore School District for the past 20 years...from providing food for Teachers Appreciation week, fundraisers, feeding the Football team before the "Big Game", or donating Gift Certificates to the many causes that the NSD supports internally.

We have discovered that, as we give to our community, our community gives back to us -- in the form of kind words, rave reviews, and general business support. This type of mutual support is what helps our business to thrive.

Giving Back

Alexa's has always embraced the community...helping out with gift certificates for school and church well as business and higher education...we believe in giving back to our community!

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Hong & Alex, June 2011 Jardin del Sol

Getting Back

The Alexa's team is highly appreciative of the positive comments our fans, friends, and customers have showered on us.

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