To say you are a full service caterer is an understatement. And on top of everything, the food was magnificent!

Business Lunches

The first break of the day...granola and muffins hold one over to this moment.....LUNCH......Alexa's Catering is famous for not only it's Tomato Basil's fresh bread too..The thick slices will wow your guests,clients and customers. They will be amazed at the size of the sandwich..from the roasted turkey or the meatiest of all the bacon on the BLT. If you choose from the Hot will be pleasantly surprised to find a variety to please everyone.... you got to try the Tomato Basil Soup! oh and did I mention our Seattle Brownie Co, treats? try will be hooked. Please give us a minimum of 48 hours notice on deliveries...10 to 1000's..we are here to serve YOU.

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